certab rgb

AB (Organic Agriculture) certificate

In order to obtain the certification and display the words «Produced from organic agriculture» the natural wines of Domaine Ray Jane have been monitored and reported true to the official rules of organic farming, by an organization of control that is approved by the public authorities: Ecocert.

Ecocert controls and certify our products according to the regulations that are applicable in France and Europe: Regulation (EC) #834/2007 and private specifications.

Ecocert teams keep track of our file throughout the year :

  • Ecocert experts conduct on-site inspections. In order to ensure traceability for all contributors in the sector, their audits cover the entire production system: inputs, production, processing, packaging, labeling, storage, distribution, import.
    Yearly monitoring controls are made, including unexpected ones, and samples can be taken for laboratory analysis.

  • Certification agents study the audit reports to assess compliance with the Regulations. If the mode of production is found to comply, Ecocert issues the certification «Organic Agriculture». Any non-compliance leads to requests for corrective actions and/or sanctions.