Ray-Jane Bandol wines : a story of passion


The vineyard « Domaine Ray-Jane » is the work of Raymond and Jane CONSTANT.
By uniting their lives, they assembled the land of their ancestors winemakers since 1288, on the land of Le Castellet and La Cadière.
Twenty-six hectares of clay and limestone Triassic soil storied in dry stone terraces include one third of century-old vines.


The passion of Raymond CONSTANT for cooper and winemaker tools and everything about the vineyard has built an exceptional collection.
Over time, t
hese rare items he unearthed for his personal enjoyment have formed an incomparable museum, reserved for the customers of Domaine Ray-Jane.


The viticulture remains traditional : without weedkiller nor systemic, plowing and pickax by hand with respect for nature and the ancestral know-how. 

An ultra-modern cellar has replaced the small stone cellars of the elders.
Temperature-controlled stainless steel vats operate with a heat pump.
Red wine tanks are equipped with automatic winding pumps.